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Battery storage

Reduce your grid dependency

Battery storage for energy independence

Adding battery storage reduces your reliance on the grid, slashes costs and optimises your use of green energy. You can add a battery to your existing panel, or include one in your new solar panel installation. Battery storage is still a compelling option for you, even if solar power is not feasible for you.

The logic is simple. You generate power, use it when you need it, sell any excess to the grid, and when necessary, top up from the grid at significantly lower nighttime rates. What’s not to like?

Storage savings

Utilise battery storage to charge up from the grid during low-cost periods, and discharge power back into the property during peak times.

During off-peak periods your battery will charge up automatically. For example, electricity prices may be as low as 5p between midnight and 4:00 am. Throughout the rest of the day, your tariff will be much higher, but the battery will then discharge its stored 5p power. Much greener and much cheaper!

Battery storage systems

Which battery storage solution is right for you?

New installation?
Go solar + battery

With new installations, your solar panels and battery storage can share the same inverter. More efficient and saves money.

  • Up to 3% extra power transfer than AC
  • One inverter, cheaper installation
  • Just need to make sure we can install the inverter and battery close to each other

Existing solar panels?
Add battery for greater savings

Add battery storage to your existing solar panels. Requires a separate inverter for your battery. Some things to consider;

  • You get the combined power from the battery and panel inverters
  • Batteries are best at room temperature and inverters at cooler temperatures so can be located apart
  • Battery faults won’t affect your Solar PV
Battery storage systems

Keeping the lights on

Batteries can keep vital elements of your home or business up and running, even if there is a power cut. Keep the lights on, your computer running, and the property warm. Each battery system varies in its approach. Contact us if you are interested in discussing the available options.

HES can model everything to help you decide by using our industry-leading software.


Battery storage captures all the excess energy you produce for use when you need it most instead of selling it back to the grid increasing your self-consumption from your clean energy.

YES – Option 1: an AC coupled (keep existing inverter and add an AC-coupled inverter and battery). Option 2: replace the existing inverter with a Hybrid Inverter (for existing systems where the current inverter may be out of warranty).

YES – batteries are still a great way to save money by charging at low tariff off-peak times and using the stored energy during normal tariff periods (charge for £0.05 OFF peak and use when Tariff is 0.35p).

Yes, all of our batteries are IP Rated so can be mounted outside without compromising the overall performance of the system (ideal when space is at a premium within the building).

Battery systems are mainly ‘fit and forget’. All the settings can be adjusted via an APP. We do however have maintenance packages available to keep your batteries running in peak condition. Click here for our Maintenance page.

All battery systems we offer have the option to add further battery modules if required at a later date (particularly useful if you find yourself selling excess back to the grid and want to store more of the energy you produce). This is a simple process once you have had the system installed by us and can often be completed within a day with no downtime to your existing solar or storage solution.