Renewable power for commercial business

Big cost savings & drive towards net zero

Green power from your roof

If your business or factory has a sizeable roof then it makes commercial sense to make the most of its potential to generate solar power. There’s never been a better time to offset your business energy costs as well as contributing to the nation’s quest toward carbon neutral.

You don’t need the ‘perfect’ roof

Sure, a south-facing roof with the ideal pitch is the dream ticket. But don’t despair if your roof is pointing towards the North Pole – you can still expect 60% or more of the electricity generation of a south-facing equivalent. The economics are still very enticing, particularly if you add battery storage into the equation.

  • Substantially reduce your electricity costs
  • Option to install solar panels and link to your own battery
  • A business asset with reduced payback and long-term returns

Case study – solar and battery installation, Cheltenham

HES was asked to look at a large roof at a property development business based in Cheltenham. At first glance, it may not have appeared the most likely candidate for solar as it is mainly north-facing. We conducted a survey and our modeling software assessed the potential generation from solar and we looked at the current electricity consumption at the business. We then submitted a quote for a 48-panel installation but battery storage together with projected energy savings based on their own usage, selling surplus to the grid, and also the benefits of low tariff night time battery top-ups. The savings point towards a payback of just 3 years or so. The project was planned and installation was completed within 2 weeks with negligible downtime. The client and HES are monitoring ‘live’ data performance via mobile apps and returns are in line with projections.

The project at a glance

OverviewProperty management office with a roof area of 100 sq m.
SituationRoof is predominantly north-facing.
Survey & Plan
Current annual consumption 20,000kW p.a. – mainly power for offices and computers and a large air source heat pump to heat the building. Plan for 24 solar panels to generate 7000kW p.a. 
Additional 5kW capacity battery storage.
On-roof system mounted to trapezoid coated metal roof.
OngoingThe client has a dedicated Smart App to monitor and control usage. Battery top-up charge at low rate night time rates.
Investment & PaybackEstimated payback 4-5 years. 
Planned MaintenanceHES (and customer) monitoring data with alerts to flag up issues. Scheduled annual cleaning of panels plus updates to inverter and app software.


No simple answer and influenced by the size of your business but solar panels are often the first step to help reduce reliance on fossil fuels and produce your own clean energy.

Adding battery storage or energy diverters such as a solar iboost to heat the hot water in your home or business can be great ways of maximising your self-consumption.

All of the estimates we provide use the industry standard MCS Calculator and Projections will be within accurate to a range of 10% plus or minus.

We take the health and safety of our employees and yours extremely seriously. This is shown by our meticulous approach to health and safety throughout the project. Conducting risk assessments and methods statements tailored to each individual project. We only use subcontractors for scaffolding and we continually monitor them to ensure they adhere to our strict standards.

In 95% of installations, there will be no downtime for your business and we can tailor our approach to suit your business, including working outside your business hours).

All our installations are supplied with smartphone Apps and online monitoring to access all the information you need at a touch of a button.

Although installations require minimal maintenance we do offer ongoing maintenance packages to our customers to ensure your investment runs to its maximum potential. Read more here.