Solar Panels on roof.

Start your Solar Journey

Average payback now 3-5 years!

Step 1 to Power Independence

Solar energy is a highly accessible and renewable power source, and installing photovoltaic (PV) panels is possible on most properties. Whilst a typical PV panel installation is on house roofs, they can also be on a garage, outbuilding, or ground-mounted. To maximise efficiency and power production, panels should not be in the shade and should have full sun exposure.

  • 10 panels can significantly reduce the average home energy bill
  • Option of raised or integral panels
  • Low maintenance (recommended clean annually)

Interested in solar panels for agriculture or commercial buildings?

HES employee cleaning panels on roof


Interested in saving money and going green with renewable solar and battery solutions?

Solar Park. Rows of solar panels installed in a field.


Looking to farm more sustainably and save money on importing energy from the grid?

HES employee fitting a solar panel.


Wanting to build sustainability into your business and take steps towards Net Carbon Zero?

Example of battery storage.

Already have solar panels? Add battery storage.

The next step towards energy independence: Solar batteries! By linking one or more batteries to your panels, you can store the electricity you produce for personal use, lighting, heating and powering your home. You can even charge your car. Plus, you can sell excess power back to the grid and top up at off-peak rates, leading to huge savings.

What are the costs?

Arrange for one of our solar specialists to visit your home to get clear-cut costs, expert opinions and price comparisons. We will evaluate your space and determine which installation type will quantify generation potential. Looking at your current bills, we will clarify costs and what you can save on.

High-performance solar technology

On-roof installation


Mounted on the roof by fixing the panels to aluminium rails. These rails are then attached to brackets that are placed under the tiles of the roof, and they are connected to the rafters of the building. For commercial, corrugated or trapezoid roofs, we use low-profile brackets.

In-roof installation


We use special flashing kits to mount solar panels ‘flush’ with the roof covering, providing a streamlined appearance. The cost of panels is offset by reducing the need for tiles and slates. These panels can be installed on new roofs or retrofitted into existing ones.

Ground-mounted solar panels


A system of panels that are mounted on the ground, making them suitable for farms with available space. These panels can be installed in any location with sufficient open space and good sun exposure.

The HES integrated solution

  • Capture natural energy from the sun

  • In the day generate free electricity for your home (& sell surplus back to the grid)

  • Option to add battery to store & use the excess free electricity you generate

  • Top up battery at off peak rates (save £’s)

  • Power your home and electric vehicle (EV)

VAT Free Solar Panels & Installation

The UK Government states that until 31 March 2027 a zero rate of VAT will apply to domestic solar panels. That’s the equivalent of saving 20% on the purchase and installation of your solar panels.


Costs are influenced by roof/ground area, energy requirements, and budget. We can help devise a suitable system to meet your needs. Click here for guideline costs for installations.

Whilst this varies by system size, the average domestic property will take 2-3 days. This will be longer for commercial installations. We can give accurate estimates as part of our site survey and quote.

All panels have a Standard Performance Guarantee of 25 years, and inverters have a 5-year Guarantee (extendable to 15). We also have national accreditations including a 5-year Guarantee for workmanship. Find more information on our commitment to quality here.

All panels have a Standard Performance Guarantee of 25 years.

It is recommended to keep panels clean and software upgraded to ensure optimum performance. We can provide ongoing maintenance support including remote monitoring to flag up dips in performance. Find more on HES maintenance here.

Generally, no. Properties in a National Park, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, or conservation areas may need formal planning. We can advise on this during a site survey.

Yes. It does take a little more work but many customers prefer the look. Talk to our team about options and costs.

Of course. A south-facing roof is ideal, but even a north-facing roof can generate 60% or more of the equivalent south elevation. We can give you accurate estimates following a site survey.