Renewable power for residential property

Payback as little as 3 years

Green power from your roof

Helping homes go green. If your home has a sizeable roof then it makes sense to make the most of its potential to generate solar power. With energy prices on the rise now is the best time to rethink we how can power our homes.

You don’t need the ‘perfect’ roof

Sure, a south-facing roof with the ideal pitch is the dream ticket. But don’t despair if your roof is pointing towards the North Pole – you can still expect 60% or more of the electricity generation of a south-facing equivalent. The economics are still very enticing, particularly if you add battery storage into the equation.

  • Substantially reduce your electricity costs
  • Option to install solar panels and link to your own battery
  • A business asset with reduced payback and long-term returns

Case study – solar and battery installation, Hereford

HES was asked to look at a large roof at a domestic property in Hereford. We conducted a survey and our modeling software assessed the potential generation from solar and we looked at the current electricity consumption at the property. We then submitted a quote for an 8-panel installation with battery storage together with projected energy savings based on their own usage, selling surplus to the grid, and also the benefits of low tariff night time battery top-ups. The savings point towards a payback of just 5 years or so. The project was planned and installation was completed within 1 week. The client and HES are monitoring ‘live’ data performance via mobile apps and returns are in line with projections.

The project at a glance

Overview4 bedroomed detached residential property
SituationRoof is predominantly south-facing with slight shading from trees.
Survey & Plan
Current annual consumption in the region of 4,000kW p.a. Plan for 8 solar panels with optimisers fitted to ensure each panel delivers maximum output to compensate for shading. 5kW battery specified to maximise self consumption.
On-roof system installed to existing pantile roof. Battery and inverter located in loft space. Project completed within 5 working days.
OngoingThe client has Smart App to monitor and control usage. Battery top-up charged at low rate night-time rates.
Investment & PaybackEstimated payback 6-8 years. 
Planned MaintenanceHES (and customer) monitoring data with alerts to flag up issues. Scheduled annual cleaning of panels plus updates to inverter and app software.

VAT Free Solar Panels & Installation

Thanks to the UK Government, until 31 March 2027 a zero rate of VAT will apply to domestic solar panels, the equivalent of 20% saving on the purchase and installation of your solar panels.


Costs are influenced by roof/ground area and the number of panels that can fit, your energy requirements, and of course budget. We can help devise a suitable system to meet your requirements. Click here for guideline costs for installations.

This will vary by system size but the average domestic property will take 2-3 days. We can give more accurate estimates as part of our site survey and quote

All panels have a 25-year warranty and inverters a minimum of 5 years (extendable to 15 years). HES are also backed up by national accreditations including a 5-year guarantee for workmanship. There is more information on our commitment to quality on the Why Us page

The panels have a 25-year guarantee power output warranty

It is recommended to keep panels clean and software upgraded to ensure optimum performance (and cost savings). HES can provide ongoing maintenance support including remote monitoring to flag up dips in performance. There’s more on HES maintenance here.

Generally no, but properties in a national park or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or conservation areas may need formal planning. We can advise on this during a site survey.

Yes. It does take a little more work but many customers prefer the look. Talk to our team about options and costs

Of course, a south-facing roof is ideal, but even a north-facing roof can generate 60% or more of the equivalent south elevation. We can give you accurate estimates following a site survey.